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Choosing the right hearing healthcare provider may seem like a difficult task.  There

are so many options when it comes to hearing care, it can be confusing and difficult

to decide who to trust with your hearing needs. 
At Rhode Island APD & Hearing Solutions, we want you to have all the  information

you need to choose the best hearing technology to fit yourhearing, your lifestyle,

and your budget.

The most important factor in choosing the right hearing device is

choosing the right provider. 

Many people are tempted to go with the lowest price and choose a hearing device 

online, only to discover later the quality of the product is not nearly what they expected.  To properly correct your hearing loss, a clinical hearing device (approved by the FDA) must be programmed and fine tuned by a skilled Audiologist.  Online distributors cannot properly fit, adjust, or program your hearing aids for you. They cannot offer hearing evaluations or make recommendations based on your unique hearing needs.  

Large chain retailers and big box stores have discounted products but there are serious drawbacks.  The providers at these retailers do not typically have the amount of education and experience that you’ll find from a Doctor of Audiology.  If their employees are paid on commission, their focus may be on selling you a device, instead of your hearing needs.  The hearing aid models they provide are typically proprietary.  This means you will have to return to that chain of stores for any adjustments or service your device needs. 

When you seek treatment from an audiologist, you’ll receive expert advice, comprehensive testing services, and recommendations from someone with education and experience.  Philosophically, Audiologists are trained to rehabilitate hearing loss. Our main goals are to provide and offer solutions to improve your hearing and improve your life. This is a very different mindset than just going to “buy a hearing aid”.  At Rhode Island APD & Hearing Solutions, we use the best practice standards as defined by the American Academy of Audiology to make sure you receive exceptional care. 

We look forward to working with you, and developing a long-term relationship based on honesty, integrity, and exceptional service. Thank you for considering us for your hearing healthcare.