• How well you understand speech in comparison to listeners who don’t have difficulty hearing in noise.
  • How well you understand speech in comparison to other listeners who have hearing loss.
  • What type of hearing technology might help you understand speech better. For example, Which hearing aid features might be helpful for you? 
  • What kind of expectations should you have for hearing in noise with hearing devices?
  • It’s the reason you came to see us!  We do a through evaluation so we can be sure you are hearing your best.  The more information we have, the better job we can do.

During the Speech in Noise Test you will hear a series of sentences to repeat.  With each sentence, the background noise begins to increase. The louder the background noise gets, the more your auditory system is challenged.   

What Do the Results Mean?

By:  Sara Carnevale Fearon, AuD

Posted June 24, 2016

What is the Test Like?  

QuickSIN is designed to give us an idea of how you are hearing in real-life circumstances.

Some people experience a loss of audibility of sound, others experience a loss of clarity, some experience both.  In order to discover the best solutions for you and your hearing needs it is very important to know where you are having difficulty so we can make the best recommendations for you.

One of the biggest concerns for people experiencing a change in their hearing is background noise.   

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When doing speech in noise testing, we learn several things:

Understanding a conversation in a noisy environment can be difficult for anyone and can greatly affect your ability to enjoy social situations.   

The typical "raise your hand when you hear the beep" hearing evaluation does not look at this at all.  That is why at Rhode Island APD & Hearing Solutions we also evaluate Speech-in-Noise on everyone. 

As the name implies, a Speech-in-Noise test will give you an indication of how well you can understand speech in a noisy environment.  We use a test called the QuickSIN test for this evaluation. 

The various background noises that are present in day-to-day life can sometimes make listening difficult – especially when trying to understand speech.  The 

Why We Do Speech-In-Noise (SiN) Testing:

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