‚Äčthat as we age, our ability to understand begins to change.  We are less able to filter out noise and quickly decode the sounds we hear.

The good news is you can do something about it!

Hearing devices are a great place to start if you have hearing loss.  The next step is auditory training.  We have to train your brain to listen again.  Research shows that auditory training can significantly improve your ability to hear in noise.  In a recent study from Mass Eye and Ear, researchers found a 25% increase in speech understanding in noisy environments for those who complete an auditory training program. 

Hearing with your Brain

What is Auditory Rehabilitation?

"What?!"  Most people assume we hear with our ears, but our ears only collect the sound.  The actual process of hearing takes place in our brains.  Because of the relationship between your brain and your hearing, you will hear your best if you train your brain into listen.  Researchers have found 

Auditory Training Options

By:  Sara Carnevale Fearon, AuD

Posted October 20, 2017

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Hearing aids reconnect you with your family and friends.  Auditory training will help you maximize the hearing you have and communicate with ease.  

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Music lessons are a great option and have been shown to improve auditory skills in both children and adults.  

Currently, at Rhode Island APD & Hearing Solutions we offer the clEAR program.  This program helps train your brain to hear better with fun games - and you can track your progress!   We also offer the LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement) program.  

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