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The human brain is so good at adapting that you may be just getting by with a change in your hearing - without even knowing what you’re missing.   Our brains are amazingly good at adapting to things.  You have found ways to compensate and you don't even realize it.  Simple things like turning your head, or leaning forward to hear better, or asking people to repeat what they’ve said.  The average time it takes for a person to seek help once they have noticed a change in their hearing is eight years!

7 Signs It's Time To Have Your Hearing Tested

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Here are some signs it's time to have your hearing tested: 

1. Background Noise Makes It Hard To Understand Voices.

This is probably the most common complaint of people with decreased hearing.  At parties, crowded cafes, restaurants, etc, it is very hard to keep track of conversations.  People may seem to be speaking indistinctly.  You can hear, but you cannot understand.  

2. You Are Always Saying "What?"

Just because you didn’t hear a co-worker from 10 feet away doesn’t mean you have a hearing loss. However, if you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves often, your hearing may have changed.  This may lead to misunderstandings ("I thought you said XYZ!").   

3.  "Everyone Mumbles."

When the voices seem unclear or muffled, much like you'd expect from putting cotton in your ears, it is usually because you are not hearing the full range of sound.  Your ears hear a wide range of sounds (from 20Hz-20,000Hz!).  Your hearing may have decreased at some pitches, but still be normal at others.  This can make it sound like everyone is mumbling.      

4. Your Ears Are Ringing

This is known as tinnitus.  It may be a ringing, hissing, or buzzing sound.  Everyone experiences occasional tinnitus.  It is especially common following exposure to loud sounds - like a concert, a party, or a gunshot.  If your tinnitus is constant or getting louder, it's time for a hearing test.  More about testing for tinnitus here.    

5.  You Like it Loud.

Are your friends and family members complaining you listen to the TV too loud?   More often than not, other people may not-so-gently point out when things seem too loud to them. Maybe you've noticed that you have to turn the volume up on your phone, computer or television more each time you use it?  If so, it's time for a hearing test.

6. You Get Tired From Trying To Follow Conversations

After a night out with friends you are tired.  This is an interesting consequence of hearing loss.  Constantly straining to hear and follow conversation is mentally and physically exhausting.  This may also stress you out and make you choose to stay home instead of going out and enjoying yourself. 

7.  "Wait...My hearing isn't THAT bad!"

People who believe they have only slightly decreased hearing often make the mistake of thinking that they do not have anything to gain from hearing technology and so they do not need to bother having their hearing tested.  Some people have anxiety over the idea of being dependent on a hearing device.  We are social beings.  Connecting with other people is essential to being happy and to your quality of life.  Don't let yourself slip slowly into isolation.  Schedule your hearing test today. 

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